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Miss Thurston County 2023

Angelia McGorn

Olympia, WA


Vocal and piano performance

Career Ambition

Music therapist, Firefighter/Paramedic

Community Service Initiative (CSI) 

The Yellow Project - Spreading awareness on music

therapy and music in the lives of those struggling

with mental illness.

Why did you chose your Initiative?

Music saved my life. I have been given a second chance and a voice, and I believe it is now my responsibility to use my voice so in return, it might help others. I believe music is the most powerful form of medicine. Music saves lives, changes lives, and makes a difference. I want members of Thurston County to be educated on the importance of music and the power that it holds for those with mental illness. It is the only worldwide known language, which we ALL deserve to know and have access to.

Best advice you have ever been given?

The darker the night is, the brighter the light hits.

What is always in your fridge?


If there was an extra hour today, I would:

Go for a hike at lake 22

People describe me as:

Encouraging, positive, uplifting, adventurous and unique

My personal philosophy is:

I believe that everyone was created with a purpose. The obstacles in life that you face just make you stronger and a better role model. If you never experience hurt or pain, you would never be able to understand or experience the true feeling of joy and love.

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